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What you get

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Fully updateable church website
Information changes and our web site creator enables you to make and update your site at any time. Our system is simple to use, and is designed to guide you through the whole process.


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Free telephone support
The system is so easy that you probably won't need it, but during office hours we supply free technical support. If you have a query on any aspect of running a website then we are here to help.


Range of professionally designed templates
Our professionally designed templates provide you with the look and feel of the site. You fill in the blanks with pictures and text, customising the site. If you require a unique template, our designers can work with you to create one. 

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Monthly site backups
It is important that your website is kept safe. We protect your data from accidental deletion or other Internet related failures (including deletion by virus). On a monthly basis we make an offsite electronic copy of all your website's pages, text and images.


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Unlimited pages with your text and images
Like a brochure, a church website normally contains multiple pages. To help create your site quickly you can chose from our standard pages. At any time you can add new custom pages (about any subject you like) with your own text and images.



Search engine registration
Search engines are one of the easiest ways for people to find your site. However, if you're not listed with the right ones you won't see any increase in visitors. As part of the package we carry out appropriate registrations with the major search engines.

—Optional extras...

Custom Templates
If your church or organisation doesn't wish to use one of the range of templates supplied, our designers can create an individually styled design exclusively for you.


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If you don't already own a domain name, then when you register one with us, we set up 5 email addresses for your church. More email addresses are available for a nominal charge.

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Domain names
If your church doesn't already have a domain name (e.g., we can research available options and register one for you. UK domain names cost £15 (biennially) or US names £25 (biennially).